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From Iceless Wine Chillers to Custom Beer Steins, our Pottery Barn Has it all

Wine Goblet Pair - Patina Noche $48.00
Beer Stein $42.00
Mugs - Funny Saying $28.00
Wine Goblet Pair - Green Moss $48.00

Wine and Barware Pottery Makes the Best Creative Gifts for Weddings, Housewarmings, Even Divorce Parties!

When it’s time to entertain, having the right wine and barware pottery will transform a regular gathering a festive celebration. Elegant wine goblets, cozy mugs, and martini glasses are all available from Bryan Becker Clay Werks. From a formal dinner party to a neighborhood potluck, the right drinkware will make the difference.

Our drinkware makes for creative gifts at weddings, housewarmings, and divorce parties. You read right, divorce parties! Sometimes, going separate ways is best for some couples. Rather than feel miserable after announcing or finalizing a divorce, celebrate a chance for new beginnings with matching wine goblets for you and your ex-to-be. Nothing says you can’t stay friends after your marriage is over! 

The Clay Advantage

Bryan Becker Clay Werks wine goblets have either clay or glass bowls with wood or clay stems. The shaped wood is easy to hold while the clay keeps the temperature from your hand from reaching the glass, keeping wine cool.

Another advantage of clay wine goblets and mugs is the ability to deal with warm temperatures. Mulled wine, eggnog, and Irish coffee can also safely be served in our drinkware. During the long and cold winter months, clay is the perfect receptacle for your hot beverages. Even the kids will enjoy hot chocolate in our colorful mugs.

Call or contact Bryan Becker Clay Werks today to order goblets, mugs, and beer steins.
Available Colors
Denim color tile
Northern Moss
Northern Moss

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