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Handmade Pottery is the Best for Durable and Decorative Unique Home Décor

Small Gifts - Ceremonial Oil Candle $36.00
Small Gifts - M&M Jar $28.00
Small Gifts - Oil Candle $20.00
Small Gifts Soap Dispenser & M&M Jar $28.00
Mugs - Funny Saying $28.00
Double Cluster Bowl - Twilight w/handle $32.00
Mugs $20.00

From Tribal Candle Holders to Decorative Candy Jars our Handmade Pottery is One-of-a-Kind!

When birthdays and holidays come around, Bryan Becker Clay Werks is where you will find unique, functional gifts for friends and family.

Light Up a Room with Clay Gifts

Clay oil candles make any room comfortably cozy. We add decorative touches and patterns so no two candles are exactly the same. Light a candle for a romantic meal or use one more functionally during a power outage. Scented oil can make these candles a great gift for anyone who wants to have a home full of fresh fragrances.

Ceremonial oil lamps are also available from Bryan Becker Clay Werks. With hand sculpted faces, these are the most interesting candles you could possible give.

A Sweet Gift

Candy jars have cork covers to help reign in temptation. A small hole near the top of the jar only allows one piece of candy to fall out at a time, providing easy portion control for kids. Bring a full jar to work and see how quickly your desk becomes a popular destination.

Available Colors
Denim color tile
Northern Moss
Northern Moss

Customized Bowls

We can customize these bowls to your specifications. With 7 colors available, your gift will be completely unique. You'll be sure to pelase everyone on your shopping list. Or treat yourself to some of these great items!

Contact the clay artists of Bryan Becker Clay Werks today to place your order.

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